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4 Reasons You Should Consider CBD Oil for Stress

cbd oil for stress

With recent changes in legislation, CBD oil is finally beginning to help the people who need it. For a long time now, anxiety has been a plague among Americans. In fact, over 18% of people in the U.S have it. Unfortunately, until recently, we’ve been stuck with traditional anxiety medications pushed on us by big […]

Happy and Healthy: CBD Benefits for Dogs

cbd benefits for dogs

You may have heard that CBD is the new cure-all for everything from PMS symptoms to social anxiety. CBD’s many health benefits continue to get serious attention in the medical industry. It’s why CBD-related health funding has grown from zero dollars to over $16 million in only the past few years.  But what about using the power […]

CBD and Health Conditions: 10 Surprising Ways Your Favorite Oil Can Help Heal

CBD and health conditions

You’ve heard all about CBD oil, and how it can assist with a variety of health conditions.  But how does it work — and is it right for you?  It’s important to understand that CBD oil doesn’t contain THC, which is the psychoactive property found in marijuana. This means that CBD oil won’t leave you […]