Happy and Healthy: CBD Benefits for Dogs

cbd benefits for dogs

You may have heard that CBD is the new cure-all for everything from PMS symptoms to social anxiety. CBD’s many health benefits continue to get serious attention in the medical industry. It’s why CBD-related health funding has grown from zero dollars to over $16 million in only the past few years. 

But what about using the power of CBD for man’s best friend? Dog owners are taking advantage of its many perks to boost the health and wellbeing of their pets.

As it offers an all-natural, safe and effective remedy for your four-legged friends. Read on to learn more about the amazing CBD benefits for dogs.  

A Natural Way to Manage Pain 

CBD oil for dogs offers a safe alternative for pain relief and inflammation. This comes without the risks of prescription painkillers. As these have shown to cause gastrointestinal issues or liver damage.

Pets can use CBD to manage chronic pain, arthritis, joint aches, and strained muscles. It can also help with hip dysplasia or to recover from surgery.   

It also won’t get your pets high in any way and produces no psychoactive effects. CBD is a cannabis compound that triggers brain receptors to help regulate the body. It gets derived from hemp oil, which has little to no traces of THC.  

A More Relaxed Mental State

Canine CBD oil can also aid in relieving symptoms of stress. As CBD products have shown to help in reducing anxiety and depression. 

It works by balancing the mood and evoking feelings of calmness. This can help a dog to relax during big life transitions, like adding another member to the family. 

CBD can also help dogs who suffer from thunderstorm phobias or separation anxiety. It makes it easier on animals when moving into a new home. Or when traveling or boarding them during a vacation.  

Older dogs will sometimes experience behavioral changes. A dose of CBD can make them less clingy or irritable. It can also work to combat insomnia, helping pets to fall and stay asleep. 

A Healthier Coat of Fur 

CBD is also making waves in the beauty industry, showing up in a variety of products. This means that CBD for dogs works to promote healthier fur and skin. 

It can help to hydrate and soothe red, irritated, or flaky skin. CBD also provides relief from symptoms of psoriasis and eczema. You can use it as a topical cream or oil that gets placed on the irritated area.  

A Way to Slow the Aging Process

CBD properties also promote slowing down free radical damage. This can produce anti-aging effects for animals, giving them a longer life in dog years. 

Other benefits of CBD and dogs include maintaining stronger bones. This can help ward off osteoporosis as the dog ages. 

This way dogs can stay active later on in life, which is great for their health. It also won’t be as uncomfortable for them to take daily walks or play ball.  

A Lower Risk of Disease and Illness

CBD contains antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. This means it promotes a healthy heart and a strong immune system. It also works to balance cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. 

Cannabis oil for dogs can also help with digestion and gastrointestinal issues. It can reduce inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and pancreatitis symptoms. CBD can also protect against autoimmune diseases, such as lupus.  

CBD is also getting a lot of attention for its anti-tumor effects, which can translate to pets. Certain dog breeds are more likely to develop cancer than others. These include  Bernese Mountain Dogs, Golden Retrievers, Boxers, and Beagles. 

The cannabis plant helps to slow cancer cell growth. Giving CBD to your dog can work as a preventative measure for fighting cancer. It also makes current cancer treatments more effective.  

CBD is also showing promise of boosting the growth of healthy brain cells. This aids in strengthening the mental health of your pet, lowering their risk of dementia. 

Clinical trials are also showing that CBD is helping 89% of dogs with epilepsy. This is resulting in epileptic dogs having fewer seizures.  

An Appetite Stimulant 

It’s common for older dogs to eat less, which poses the risk of malnutrition. A poor diet can also cause your pet’s metabolism to slow down. This can result in obesity and other health concerns. 

A dose of CBD can boost your pet’s appetite. Do this by adding a few CBD drops to your dog’s favorite food.

Or you can make your own CBD dog treats using healthy ingredients. Whip up a no-bake recipe using peanut butter, oats, and pumpkin. Or you can freeze treats made from yogurt, minced chicken, and cheese. 

To save on time and energy you can buy pre-made CBD dog treats. These chews contain a vet-approved formula and have 2mg of hemp extract. Pre-made treats help to ensure your dog is getting the correct dose of CBD. 

CBD can also help reduce nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach for your pet. It’s no secret that all these symptoms can wreak havoc on your pet’s appetite. 

The Right Dosage to Provide CBD Benefits for Dogs  

CBD is a safe and effective way to help people and their pets get the relief they need. These CBD benefits for dogs can help them to live a long and happy life.

Always be sure to buy CBD products that get made for dogs, not people. These products provide the correct dosage for your pets. You will need to consider their size, tolerance level, and health condition for the dosage. 

It helps to start with the smallest possible dose for your pet. Then increase the dose bit by bit to reach the desired effect. Be sure to watch your pet for any changes in behavior or side effects. 

You also want to choose natural-made CBD products. This ensures there are no harmful additives that can be toxic for your pet. 

CBD comes in a variety of forms, including capsules and topicals. Yet, you’ll find that oils or tinctures and pre-made treats are the easiest way to administer CBD for your pet. This way you can better control the amount of CBD your pet gets.  

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